Tracking Changes in Intune – Part1

Hi there. In this quick post, I'm demonstrating how to track for changes made against an Intune published App Change type: Added a group to assignments ( as required ) Steps go to Microsoft Intune admin center click on Tenant Administration then select Audit logs => or direct link Activity details: Audit log - Microsoft … Continue reading Tracking Changes in Intune – Part1


Intune Custom Roles – part 1

Hi everyone. In this post, I'd like to cover a little bit about Intune custom roles. 🧠 If you've followed my posts there's always a part of it that's somehow linked to architecture, as you I'm an IT Solutions Architect and acting as Intune Product Owner in my current role. I'm really amused by what the … Continue reading Intune Custom Roles – part 1

Windows Autopilot devices

Why Windows Autopilot devices is important? If you're willing to have a solution to onboard users remotely you probably heard about Autopilot. This is not about deploying Windows 10/11 from "the cloud" to your device. Summary All procured devices are enrolled to your M365 tenant by default and they’ll get the “blank” GroupTag You can … Continue reading Windows Autopilot devices

List Intune Device Status using GraphApi

Hi Everyone, Today I'd share some cool ways to retrieve device information from Intune using GraphApi 📚 Sometimes when we need to delete devices from Intune we should keep in mind we need to search by Serial Number to avoid issues with duplicated names, duplicated device A serial number can be used to search the device … Continue reading List Intune Device Status using GraphApi

Distribute Outlook Templates from Intune

Hi again In this post, I'm sharing how to Distribute Outlook Templates from Intune using Proactive Remediation 🚀 Detects if logged users have an .OFT file at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\ Remediates by copying the FileName.oft file from Azure blob storage. With a simple adjustment, you can copy several files at the same time to the same user … Continue reading Distribute Outlook Templates from Intune