Azure – IAAS + SQL

Hi therein this article I'll demonstrate how to spin up a SQL server 2019 Standard version on Azure IAAS on a standard VM (Windows 2019 from marketplace).Setup your environmentI used this Terraform main.tfĀ Quick reviewdownload Terraform fromĀ your Windows PATH variable to point to your terraform main folder (I have a main folder for Azure deployments … Continue reading Azure – IAAS + SQL

Azure – Terraform #7

Hi thereIn this post I'm covering, actually adding one more component to previous article Azure Terraform #5 - TheĀ Variable Definitions (.tfvars) Files.Those .tfvars files are used when you need to set a lots of variables on and you need to specify their values in a variable definitions file terminated by .tfvars or .tfvars.json and … Continue reading Azure – Terraform #7

Azure Terraform #4

Hi there In this article I'm covering a summary of 3 topics we talked about Prerequisites Terraform latest version PATH variable configure (you can call terraform from anywhere in cmd.exe and powershell or from Visual Studio Code) Visual Studio Code or notepad++ or any other text editor you'd like to use Basic Azure LAB Azure … Continue reading Azure Terraform #4

Azure Terraform #3

Hi there Continuing our journey on how to automate Azure Resources deployment using Terraform today we're demonstrating how to create (or add to our current plan) a VNET with subnets. Have with you your previous file - download from here. Now open your Visual Studio Code and open your Project Folder Load your … Continue reading Azure Terraform #3