Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Lists.

Hi again The other day I was working with a friend on a freelancer project onboarding so many devices at the same time that I asked myself a great way to give Operations Team a tool to monitor all Windows Autopilot Enrollment Status in a Teams Channel then we realized that sometimes people don't look … Continue reading Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Lists.

Azure – automate VM start up and shutdown on a schedule

Hi therein this article I'm covering how to save costs on your VM environment by scheduling a time to start and stop your VM on a schedule.Create an Azure Automation accountgo to Azure Portal home \ marketplace \ search for automationcreate an azure automation accountgive it a name:finish the wizardwait until the azure automation account … Continue reading Azure – automate VM start up and shutdown on a schedule

Azure – IAAS + SQL

Hi therein this article I'll demonstrate how to spin up a SQL server 2019 Standard version on Azure IAAS on a standard VM (Windows 2019 from marketplace).Setup your environmentI used this Terraform Quick reviewdownload Terraform from your Windows PATH variable to point to your terraform main folder (I have a main folder for Azure deployments … Continue reading Azure – IAAS + SQL

Azure – Terraform #7

Hi thereIn this post I'm covering, actually adding one more component to previous article Azure Terraform #5 - The Variable Definitions (.tfvars) Files.Those .tfvars files are used when you need to set a lots of variables on and you need to specify their values in a variable definitions file terminated by .tfvars or .tfvars.json and … Continue reading Azure – Terraform #7