Proactive Remediation – recover local admin

Hi there I hope you're enjoying other posts related to Intune today I'm publishing a Proactive Remediation script (detection and remediation) to assist with local admin credential recovery for any environment size. This will probably be replaced by LAPS when it comes to Intune in GA (General Availability). If you have worked with companies where … Continue reading Proactive Remediation – recover local admin

Microsoft Teams – PowerShell #2

Hi there At this post I'm covering basic tasks on Microsoft Teams using PowerShell. 1. Connecting to Microsoft Teams - Available commands. #Microsoft Teams Management #install module Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Force #import module Import-Module MicrosoftTeams #connect teams Connect-MicrosoftTeams 2. Creating New Teams #create a private team name Team-01 New-Team -DisplayName “Team-01” -Visibility Private #create a … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – PowerShell #2

Microsoft Teams – PowerShell

Hi there At this post I'm sharing a default script I've used to connect to Microsoft Teams & Office 365 on my daily basis tasks. If your organization has Azure AD compliance settings enabled enforcing MFA for all Global Admins you'll have to go through the MFA logon process 5 (five) times to get connected. … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – PowerShell