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Here you can find some posts about Intune in real life. #intune #architecture #smb #enterprise

Device Enrollment
Enroll Windows Device using PPKG (Import Hash)

Monitoring, Logging, and Reporting
Create an Azure AD application
Azure AD application – secret authentication
Azure AD application – self-signed certificate
Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Teams Channel
Create a SharePoint List to receive windows autopilot update/upload status.
Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Lists
Upload log to Azure Blog Storage

Device management
Intune Stale Devices – part 1
Intune Stale Devices – part 2

Intune Management (Delegated Access)
Intune Custom Roles – part 1
Intune Custom Roles – part 2

Application Deployment
App Phased deployment in Intune
Automated filter rule update in Intune

Proactive Remediation – recover local admin

automation – part 1 (setup)
automation – part 2 (configure PowerShell, office 365 integration)
automation – part 3 (group membership synchronization)

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