Enroll Windows Device using PPKG

Hi everyone. This post (PDF document) will cover all steps to create a provisioning package (PPKG) where a PowerShell is executed as part of its deployment and enroll a windows device into Intune Windows Autopilot device under Order Tag (empty) = Default. In this scenario, all devices that are procured by Lenovo, Dell, HP, or … Continue reading Enroll Windows Device using PPKG

Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Teams Channel.

Hi again In order to monitor Device Hash Import (into Windows Autopilot devices) using Microsoft Teams Channel we'd need a Microsoft Teams Webhook Notification Requirements Microsoft Team on Teams A Channel under Contoso Team named “Intune Enrollment” A webhook connector named Autopilot ( URL ) Knowledge of HTML to customize the table sent to the … Continue reading Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Teams Channel.

Teams Client EUX (Meetings)

One of the coolest thing about Team it's how it evolves. Today I want to show you the Private preview on your Video Experience on Teams Only you can see the changes and settings before you hit enter You can customize background effects and blur your background Emotions got a new update Meeting options (you … Continue reading Teams Client EUX (Meetings)

Teams Breakout Rooms – New Settings.

For those who voted and contributed on Teams User Voice channel. Teams Breakout Room now support the following settings: Automatically move participants to rooms Participants can return to the main meeting Se a time limit (5 to 60 minutes) Check my Github repository Thanks, Thiago Beier

Recording Teams Calls and Meetings

Hi Everyone If you ever wonder if it’s possible to record Teams Calls and Meeting natively on Teams the short answer is no. However, you can accomplish that through 3rd party tools. For personal recording using Skype for Business Client (Skype For Business Online / On-Premises) or Microsoft Teams you can use the https://voipcallrecording.com/MP3_Skype_Recorder For … Continue reading Recording Teams Calls and Meetings