Intune Stale Devices – part 1

Have you ever asked yourself why you can find duplicated serial numbers in Intune ( Microsoft Intune Admin Center \ Devices \ Windows )? The behavior it's that you'll find multiple entries of the same Serial Number associated with different Device Names where its Azure AD Device ID is "null" The device will show as … Continue reading Intune Stale Devices – part 1

Automated filter rule update in Intune

Automated filter population in Intune If you have read the article “Phased deployment” you should have asked yourself what if I need to automate this filter update process. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to automate in the Microsoft Intune Admin Center portal. However, if you’re interested in leveraging PowerShell AzureAD and MsGraph module you can accomplish it … Continue reading Automated filter rule update in Intune

App Phased deployment in Intune

App Phased deployment in Intune In this article, I’d like to cover the following scenario where you’re piloting an Endpoint solution in 2 phases where phase1 the new tool runs side-by-side with existing antivirus and in the phase2 there’s a detection script that detects and removes existing antivirus then push new Endpoint Protection solution. Topics: … Continue reading App Phased deployment in Intune

OneDrive for Business – Sync Settings

OneDrive sync settings You can use these settings to control syncing files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online Log into your M365 tenant Go to OneDrive admin portal All admin centers click on OneDrive click on Sync (on the left tab menu) or go from here By default any computer from any AD … Continue reading OneDrive for Business – Sync Settings

Teams Client EUX (Meetings)

One of the coolest thing about Team it's how it evolves. Today I want to show you the Private preview on your Video Experience on Teams Only you can see the changes and settings before you hit enter You can customize background effects and blur your background Emotions got a new update Meeting options (you … Continue reading Teams Client EUX (Meetings)