What’s an AAD device extension attribute?

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If you get to this post I’d like to share why AAD device extension attributes is important in AAD / M365 and Intune Architecture

  • HAADJ limitation around device extension attributes
    • check this link
      • The extensionAttributes property of the device entity is managed only in Azure AD during device creation or update.
  • AADJ device extension attributes
    • leverage AADJ device extension attributes to give us better device management when it comes to AAD (device, administrative unit, group membership, and so on).
  • Automation is relevant
    • for those who have any automation in place the more you standardize users and devices all over your business the better
      • locationID
      • Organizational Units (ADDS)
      • Security Groups
      • ExtensionAttributes

All my research started with this post, from Tony Redmond and this by Vasil Michev






Thiago Beier
Toronto, Canada

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