Enroll Windows Device using PPKG – Part 2

Hi everyone.

If you had the chance to check the previous post about device enrollment using PPKG you noticed that we would need one PPKG (package) for each LocationID (GroupTag) required to assign devices to WAP (windows autopilot profiles) in Intune.

I’m glad to share that now you can have the same PPKG updated to a new version where:

  • One single PPKG would ask the user which LocationID (GroupTag) the device is being assigned to
  • It can retrieve the LocationID from a text file or from an internal web server URL like https://server.domain.local/locationid.txt , where this TXT file is read-only and managed by either the IT department or HR to keep the company’s standard. For this post, the locationId.txt is shared from an Azure blob storage (container \ share) – This Post.

Attached you have the Import-AutopilotHash.ps1 and the locationidv2.txt (moc file) to validate it

  • Create the package (PPKG) according to this post.
  • Upload the PPKG file to your SharePoint online site
  • Create a fresh VM to be imported to a Windows autopilot device and have fun!

Tip: curious about how to run Labs locally on your laptop/desktop? Check this post. or Download the create-vm-hyperv.ps1

The gif below shows how all of this started

  • how to create a selection menu from a text file
  • retrieve the selected option and use it as a GroupTag variable for Windows Autopilot devices and Dynamic Device group membership (OrderID)
  • Functions
    • CollectSerial: retrieve the device’s serial
    • UploadHashToIntune: register or update device GroupTag in Intune (Windows Autopilot) Method Updated 📢
    • UploadToList: upload the device name, existing GroupTag, NewGroupTag, Date & Time to a SharePoint Online List (history) – This post 📝
    • TeamsNotification: webhook to notify a Teams Channel (immediate notification) – This post 📝


– DRAFT (menu selection)

Solution 🥷

Updating/Creating the PPKG


Thiago Beier