Proactive Remediation – Toast Notification Non-Standard Device Name

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Today I’m writing about something that I faced the other day when we couldn’t keep 100% of the devices deployed by Autopilot (user-driven & Hybrid Azure AD joined)

Users or Service Desk has to rename the device when the device is fully operational in Intune/AAD

Let’s recap the flow

  1. device hardware hash imported to autopilot or imported by the vendor
  2. the device has a Windows autopilot profile assigned to the device based on the security group (GroupTag)
  3. the user initiates the autopilot on the Windows 10/11 device
  4. the user connects to VPN to have domain controller visibility during the setup
  5. after 1st logon, after the device is managed by Intune and is in compliance user connects to VPN and renames the device
  6. user restarts the device
  7. device’s new name is updated in ADDS and synced over to AAD (azure ad connect)
  8. the device name is updated in Intune object

some users do not wrap the process then we leveraged Proactive Remediation to detect devices not compliant with Naming Standards

when a device named Autopilot- (the default name by domain joined policy for HAADJ devices) is identified a Toast Notification is sent to the user

we also added any device that has DESKTOP-* in its name to get the Toast Notification

A notification to a Teams Channel also can be sent to SD / Ops team is able to track it


  1. Proactive remediation scripts (detection and remediation) 🥷
  2. Teams notification (webhook) 📝


  • If your environment is Azure AD joined or has Azure AD joined as Windows Autopilot Profile, you can also deploy this script to rename devices straight from Intune based on Naming Standards. – coming soon.



Thiago Beier

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