What’s an AAD device extension attribute?

Hi again If you get to this post I'd like to share why AAD device extension attributes is important in AAD / M365 and Intune Architecture HAADJ limitation around device extension attributes check this link The extensionAttributes property of the device entity is managed only in Azure AD during device creation or update. AADJ device extension attributes leverage AADJ device … Continue reading What’s an AAD device extension attribute?

Distribute Outlook Templates from Intune

Hi again In this post, I'm sharing how to Distribute Outlook Templates from Intune using Proactive Remediation 🚀 Detects if logged users have an .OFT file at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\ Remediates by copying the FileName.oft file from Azure blob storage. With a simple adjustment, you can copy several files at the same time to the same user … Continue reading Distribute Outlook Templates from Intune

Enroll Windows Device using PPKG – Part 2

Hi everyone. If you had the chance to check the previous post about device enrollment using PPKG you noticed that we would need one PPKG (package) for each LocationID (GroupTag) required to assign devices to WAP (windows autopilot profiles) in Intune. I'm glad to share that now you can have the same PPKG updated to … Continue reading Enroll Windows Device using PPKG – Part 2

Proactive Remediation – Toast Notification Non-Standard Device Name

Hi again Today I'm writing about something that I faced the other day when we couldn't keep 100% of the devices deployed by Autopilot (user-driven & Hybrid Azure AD joined) Users or Service Desk has to rename the device when the device is fully operational in Intune/AAD Let's recap the flow device hardware hash imported … Continue reading Proactive Remediation – Toast Notification Non-Standard Device Name

Proactive Remediation – recover local admin

Hi there I hope you're enjoying other posts related to Intune today I'm publishing a Proactive Remediation script (detection and remediation) to assist with local admin credential recovery for any environment size. This will probably be replaced by LAPS when it comes to Intune in GA (General Availability). If you have worked with companies where … Continue reading Proactive Remediation – recover local admin