Intune Stale Devices – part 1

Have you ever asked yourself why you can find duplicated serial numbers in Intune ( Microsoft Intune Admin Center \ Devices \ Windows )?

The behavior it’s that you’ll find multiple entries of the same Serial Number associated with different Device Names where its Azure AD Device ID is “null”

The device will show as follows

If you check this Device Serial Number under Windows Autopilot devices

Windows Autopilot devices – Microsoft Intune admin center

You should be able to identify its associated Azure Intune device and associated Azure AD device names

If you click on the Azure Intune device you’ll reach the correct DEVICE (objectId / Azure AD iD) that’s item #1 of our previous image. The right device, leading us to the Other device with Azure AD Device ID shown as 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

You can now delete the “stale device” from Intune.

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