Recording Teams Calls and Meetings

Hi Everyone

If you ever wonder if it’s possible to record Teams Calls and Meeting natively on Teams the short answer is no. However, you can accomplish that through 3rd party tools.

For personal recording using Skype for Business Client (Skype For Business Online / On-Premises) or Microsoft Teams you can use the

For Enterprise solution you could have a look at the few solutions as follows

SmartTap 360



Microsoft Teams provides API so their partners are able to develop different solutions to achieve different client’s needs. More info about Microsoft Teams API check here

I’ve tested the SmartTap 360 as a regular user with a DID assigned to it making calls through Direct Route and initiating Meetings (Teams Calendar \ Meet Now or Scheduled Meetings)

Making PSTN call




Kicking of a meeting through Meet Now




Check my Github repository


Thiago Beier