Recording Teams Calls and Meetings

Hi Everyone If you ever wonder if it’s possible to record Teams Calls and Meeting natively on Teams the short answer is no. However, you can accomplish that through 3rd party tools. For personal recording using Skype for Business Client (Skype For Business Online / On-Premises) or Microsoft Teams you can use the For … Continue reading Recording Teams Calls and Meetings

CHANNEL CALENDAR in #Teams is available. 📆

CHANNEL CALENDAR in #Teams is available. 📆 and this feature it's really cool. Support all meeting features such as Breakout Rooms, Emotions, pre-join meeting experience, participants, chat and meetings options (who can bypass the lobby, let callers bypass the lobby, announce when callers join or leave, who can present and allow attendees to unmute). #Microsoft #Teams Go … Continue reading CHANNEL CALENDAR in #Teams is available. 📆