Microsoft Teams – field lessons #4

Hi thereLet me show you how to clear Teams Cache on Windows and MacOS if you need to troubleshoot: Skype only mode users not showing its status on Teams client.When you have a large environment where you have Skype users enabled on Office 365 and licensed on Teams at the same time you're running a … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – field lessons #4

Microsoft Teams – field lessons #3

Hi thereThis short article it's to show how to track if pilot users got their licenses assigned properly.The following script will pull out all users with TEAMS enabled for them.saves on TEAMS.txt (current directory)shows on screen (gridview format)Connect-msolservice$all = Get-MsolUser -All$teamsUsers = foreach ($user in $all) {$serviceStatuses = @($user.Licenses.ServiceStatus)$teamsPlans = $serviceStatuses.Where({$_.ServicePlan.ServiceName -clike "*TEAMS*"})if ($true -in … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – field lessons #3

Microsoft Teams – field lessons #2

Hi there This short article it's to show how to track all Office 365 users Teams Upgrade Effective Mode. Run this before you start your pilot phase to have all users' previous mode just in case you need to them back. The following script uses Skype for Business module - check here at my GitHub … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – field lessons #2

Azure: Hub-Spoke #1

Hi thereIn this article I'll demonstrate the following hub-spoke topologyWhere the goal it's to connect VM001 from Azure Subscription (A) to a physical printer located On-premises (C) passing through the VNET-to-VNET peering to (B) having this way a hub and spoke connection on AzureTIPS!run an assessment on all Resource Groups on each Azure subscription and … Continue reading Azure: Hub-Spoke #1

Office 365 – Migration & Setup tips #1

Hi thereThis article it's to remind you to pay attention in a few items that would help you through each new Office 365 project or migration.In addition to an Active Directory health check, IdFix and new UPN (userprincipalname) suffix that you need to cover on each single project please have also look at the following:have … Continue reading Office 365 – Migration & Setup tips #1