Azure – IAAS + SQL

Hi there

in this article I’ll demonstrate how to spin up a SQL server 2019 Standard version on Azure IAAS on a standard VM (Windows 2019 from marketplace).

Setup your environment

I used this Terraform 

Quick review

  1. download Terraform from
  2. edit your Windows PATH variable to point to your terraform main folder (I have a main folder for Azure deployments with a folder on C:\TERRAFORM\ where I extract my Terraform downloaded file into)
  3. quick commands
    1. az login
    2. terraform init
    3. terraform plan -out myplanName
    4. terraform apply myplanName
    5. follow up your console output to check for any warnings, errors and its deployment
    6. terraform destroy

Today’s challenge is: Add a data disk to the SQL vm

Let’s work on this on github repository

download SQL trial from to continue your SQL on IAAS setup.

Check my Github repository



Thiago Beier