Teams – Audit Team creation and deletion

Hi therein this article I'm covering how to audit Team creation and deletion with email notification on Office 365.Go to portal the new policy alertWait a few hours and check should see your policy alert created previouslyGo to main alert and policies blade my Github repositoryReferences Thanks, Thiago Beier

Office 365 – DL (Distribution List)

Hi thereIn this article I'm showing how to create a DL (Distribution List) on Office 365 portalgo to your Office 365 tenant portalhome \ groups \ add a groupfollow the wizard and at Choose a group type: select Distribution (sends emails to all members of the list) and click nextSet up the basics: give it a … Continue reading Office 365 – DL (Distribution List)

Azure – cleaning up Azure Trial subscription

Hi thereIn this quick article I'm demonstrating how to remove / delete all resources from your Azure Trial subscription.When your trial is over you can switch to a pay-as-you-go account or you'll have $0.00 credit and your azure resources won't be available.To clean this up do the following:go on each Azure Resource Group select all … Continue reading Azure – cleaning up Azure Trial subscription

Azure – Terraform #5

Hi therein this post I'm covering Azure & Terraform series today I'm introducing file which we use to declare all variables for our file to standardize our Azure through Terraform scripts.Before we continue check your Terraform version running terraform --version Quick reviewdownload Terraform from your Windows PATH variable to point to your terraform … Continue reading Azure – Terraform #5

OneDrive – Version history feature

Hi thereFor those who were waiting for the Version History at OneDrive client and voted at Feel the power!You can now check files version history right at your OneDrive folder and files on explorerGo to your folder and pick one file that you're sure about previous changes.Left click on the file and check version historynow … Continue reading OneDrive – Version history feature