Azure – Terraform #7

Hi thereIn this post I'm covering, actually adding one more component to previous article Azure Terraform #5 - The Variable Definitions (.tfvars) Files.Those .tfvars files are used when you need to set a lots of variables on and you need to specify their values in a variable definitions file terminated by .tfvars or .tfvars.json and … Continue reading Azure – Terraform #7

Teams – Locations

Hi theretoday I'm talking about Microsoft Teams Locations and demonstrating how to use powershell script to populate subnets and trusted public ips.Microsoft Teams Locations are dividing into:Reporting Labels: Reporting labels are used to give an IP subnet a name that links it to a physical location such as offices, buildings, or organizational sites within your … Continue reading Teams – Locations

Azure – IAAS VM + SQL export snapshot disks

Hi there In this article I'm covering a need that my client had when his IAAS SQL VM was ready for Dev, UAT environment and he didn't want to use Azure backup. He asked for the VMs disks to be exported to VHD.Shutdown the VMDealocated the VMgo to VM \ Settings \ Diskson each disk … Continue reading Azure – IAAS VM + SQL export snapshot disks

Azure – add disk to a VM (sql)

Hi thereToday's article will demonstrate how to add a data disk to a production vm to run SQLAccess the VMCreate the new disk (add the new disk and create a new one at the same time)Select the disk type and sizeGo back to the VM and check the Disk ManagementYou should see a new disk … Continue reading Azure – add disk to a VM (sql)