Azure – just-in-time access (JIT)

Hi there In this post I'd like to show you JIT (just-in-time) and how it works JIT will create an inbound rule on a NSG (Network Security Group) associated to a VM (Virtual Machine) allowing traffic on the following ports 22, 3389, 5985 or 5986 by up to 24 hours. setup JIT in Azure Security … Continue reading Azure – just-in-time access (JIT)

Azure- Reset local Windows password

Hi there in this article I'll demonstrate how to reset the VM user password from Azure Portal. Did you know that if you don't even know the admin you can still reset a user password for a new user you define on this process? YES you can! If you enter any user name that is … Continue reading Azure- Reset local Windows password

VM’s Cost reduction on Azure

Hi there In this post I'm talking about different ways to save money on monthly invoices on Azure. Due to pandemic moment we're living on several clients SMBs, Medium and Large Enterprise are implementing several processes and analysis to identify and reduce costs on Azure workloads and Virtual Machines are where it's kicked off. It … Continue reading VM’s Cost reduction on Azure

Microsoft Teams – Whiteboard

Hi there In this post I'm covering the Teams Whiteboard. Microsoft defines Whiteboard as a free-form, digital canvas where people, content, and ideas come together. If you have this feature enabled under your organization you should see on Teams you're belong to or on meeting you have been invited to. To enable go to Go … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – Whiteboard

Microsoft Teams – Raise your hand feature.

Hi there Another feature released on April 2020 it's the Raise your hand (lower your hand after you had raised it). Start your meeting you can test it solo go to Teams \ Calendar select Meet now When the meeting has started press the HAND icon to Raise your hand. Click on show participants to … Continue reading Microsoft Teams – Raise your hand feature.