Teams – Live Events demo.

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In this article I’m covering Live Events demo.

Created a live events under a users associated to a Live Meeting policy that allows “Live Meeting” for internal users only. Also tested external users invitation.

Before we get into this demonstration have in mind the following

Presenters and organizers include the following:

  • Presenters from my organization
  • Presenters from other organizations (Live Events restriction) – this includes anonymous and external participants. Presenters are designated by the organizer and require a personal invite from the organizer.

Presenters and organizers have access to every feature in a live event.


There are several types of live event participants:

In this lab I used Microsoft Teams Client version: 1.3.0013515 , Web version and Mobile client on Iphone X and Android S10.

Live Events management works better on Windows 10 OS (not web neither client are supported to initiate the Live Meeting and its controls)

Using the Microsoft Teams Client version on Windows 10 log into Teams with a user with rights to create Live events invitation.


Go to Calendar \ New Meeting (drop down menu) select Live event and click on it.

On the next screen “New live event” you have its wizard to complete this request.



Invite people to your event group:

  • organizer
  • presenter
  • guests




then click Next

(default: Q&A unselected)

Q&A selected

at Live event permissions you can select tree options (if available depending on your permission for live events – managed at live events policies o Teams Admin Portal)

  • People and groups
  • Org-wide
  • Public

Give permission to:

How will you produce your live event?

  • Teams
    • recording available to producers and presenters
    • recording available to attendees
    • captions (preview)
    • attendee engagement report
    • Q&A (comes unselected by default)
  • An external app or device
    • you plan to use another tool to share content
  • Support
    • URL:

click next

Invite attendees

Here you have “get attendee link” – click that it will copy its live event link to memory. “copy this link to send to attendess”

You have the following options:

  • join
  • chat
  • cancel meeting

you have additional information regarding to who’s the organizer and presenters as well.

click close or edit.

Close will save the live event on your calendar on the date and time scheduled.

For this exercise when you’re finished click on the Live Event meeting to join / start it as organizer / presenter.


This won’t start the broadcasting it will only give you access to the Live event main screen where you can do the following:

  • add your video or any other content to be shared on screen (on the left screen known as “queue”) – “add video or content from below”
    •  on the bottom of the screen you have access to your web cam and any content you’d like to share: Powerpoint, screen, etc.
  • check its result on the right screen known as “Live event” – loading preview (you’ll see a warning saying The live event hasn’t started)

when you’re finished loading and checking your prerequisites for the live event you’re able to click on share (to go live)

in the top right on your screen you have the following icons:

  • show health and performance
  • show Q&A
  • meeting notes
  • show conversation
  • show participants
  • show settings pane
  • info pane (it comes disabled by default in some policies)


when you’re ready to go live and click share , you’ll get an warning saying the following:

  • are you sure? click continue.

if you go on the Live Event on your calendar and open it you’ll see the following screen:

Live-event-01 , where you can download the following information about this meeting (you can also as organizer refresh its data or delete all):

  • Q&A report
  • attendee engagement report
  • recording for attendees (enable or disable)
  • transcript

click close to leave the screen

Q&A interaction & moderation

When you’re finished click on End live event to end this. After this anyone will be able get into it. however, the recording will be generated and saved on Microsoft Steam available for the organizer and attendees.

As organizer if you go back to this Live Event history on your calendar you can see the Chat, Files, Meeting Notes and Whiteboard.

If anyone from external (guests) can’t join to your live events ask the Teams Administrator to check your current Live events policy option: “Who can join scheduled live events: Everyone”


Browser experience (guest user)

Mobile experience (guest user / company user)


Central station (Laptop)



Thiago Beier