Upgrade Azure AD Connect

Hi there

In this article I’m showing how to upgrade in place your Azure AD connect
You can export of profiles before running the upgrade or snapshot the virtual server
You can also have a second server ready to go at Staging mode if this one broken.

Old / current Version:
New version:

  1. check the Azure AD connect current version
  2. download the new version from here.
  3. go to downloads folder and run the AzureADConnect.msi file.
  4. The setup will ask to upgrade the current version
  5. click upgrade to proceed and wait
  6. Enter your office 365 global admin credentials and click next
  7. wait for the setup to connect and load its information
  8. on Ready to configure screen, leave the option “Start the synchronization process when configuration completes.” selected and click Upgrade
  9. When migration is complete you’ll see the “Configuration complete” screen, click exit.
  10. check under windows key \ Azure AD Connect for the following apps:
    – Azure AD connect
    – Synchronization rules editor
    – Synchronization Service: run this one to make sure all settings are ok.
    – Synchronization service webservice




Thiago Beier