Teams – Live Events demo.

Hi there In this article I'm covering Live Events demo. Created a live events under a users associated to a Live Meeting policy that allows "Live Meeting" for internal users only. Also tested external users invitation. Before we get into this demonstration have in mind the following Presenters and organizers include the following: Presenters from … Continue reading Teams – Live Events demo.

Azure – CIS Hardened Images

Hi there Did you know you have CIS Hardened Images available on Azure Marketplace o deploy on your environment? CIS Hardened Images, also known as virtual machine images, allow the user to spin up a securely configured, or hardened, virtual instance of many popular operating systems to perform technical tasks without investing in additional hardware … Continue reading Azure – CIS Hardened Images

Teams – Azure B2B

Hi there Did you know that you can have 2 (two) different Microsoft Teams' domain users collaborating across companies? You can use the Azure AD B2B to orchestrate this. Advantages External / Guest users can be invited to a Teams (channels) on Company A (source) External / Guest users can collaborate on supported file types … Continue reading Teams – Azure B2B

Teams – Download attendance list.

Hi there Have you noticed that you can now download the Teams Meeting attendance list on your meetings? Yes! Start the meeting and it's over before you end it download the attendance list and check your downloads folder. It will show all attendance history during this specific meeting users joined and left users you called … Continue reading Teams – Download attendance list.