Microsoft Teams – auto assign users to a Team

Hi there

At this post I’m covering how to auto assign users to a Team on Teams


  1. Enable Users & Groups Sync from ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services) to Azure AD
  2. Create the Team on Teams
  3. Go to Azure AD Groups and check the Office 365 Group that corresponds to Team you’ve created on step #2 above
  4. Change this group assignment from manual to Dynamic
  5. Add the following rule to retrieve users from the Security Group based on a synced attribute, another security group on cloud (synced). Wait for the group to update its membership based on the rule you selected. On my demo I’ve selected all users with an email address on domain (proxyaddress contains

  6. Check the group membership after membership processing status is update complete.
  7. Check the Membership tab on Team’s Team !TIP: This won’t work if your synced source group (used to grab users from) has more than 5000 users. – Check Microsoft Teams Limits.


Thiago Beier