Exporting File and Folder security ACLs

Hi there Have you ever to export file and folder security ACLs from a specific folder on disk or remote network path on a server? The following approach it's kind old school but works. cd c:\temp cacls . to list current dir only cacls *.* to list all folder and subfolders from the current folder … Continue reading Exporting File and Folder security ACLs

Remove / Delete On-Premises Directory Synchronization Service Account

Hi There Even if you're doing LABs, PoC (Proff of conceps) or rolling Azure AD connect (AD sync) on production sometimes you might face the follow error message: Delete user failed We couldn't delete this account: Sync_SRV-DC01_8f0a01761ef9@tecbis.onmicrosoft.com. This is your directory synchronization account and you'll have synchronization failures if it's deleted.   To fix this … Continue reading Remove / Delete On-Premises Directory Synchronization Service Account

Microsoft Technet Gallery is being retired.

Microsoft has Announced that Microsoft Technet Gallery is being retired. All current content is available for download (site is in read-only). All my scripts were moved to Github repository Check here >> https://thiagobeier.wordpress.com/microsoft-technet-gallery/ thanks, Thiago Beier

Managing Office 365 licenses (assign license)

Hi there If you don't have Azure AD P1 or P2 this article it's addressed to you. Here you can find what you need to export users’ current license status E1, E3 and ATP and how to assign licenses to them. First of all, connect to your Office 365 Subscription with the following commands: Connect-ExchangeOnline … Continue reading Managing Office 365 licenses (assign license)

Enumerating email domains with PowerShell

Hi there After working on a project where we had 30 domains to be migrated over between two different Office 365 tenants I picked one of the tasks and I'm posting there the challenge and its PowerShell script that might be helpful We had to identity from an exported email domains data with DisplayName, UserPrincipalName, … Continue reading Enumerating email domains with PowerShell