Using the Network Testing Companion

Hi again

Are you having issues troubleshooting Microsoft Teams deployment? Please check the following questions to lead your troubleshooting matrix:

  1. Are you using Cloud-based users only? (When users are 100% on-cloud)
  2. Are you using Synced Users to Office 365?
  3. Are you using Synced Users to Office 365 with Mailboxes on-premises (Exchange On-Premises or Hybrid with no Mailboxes on Office365)?
  4. Do you also have Skype for Business Server deployed?

Regardless of the answer for the questions above use the Network Testing Companion to evaluate your MS Teams infrastructure.

Download the Network Testing Companion from the PowerShell Gallery.

Open a PowerShell as Administrator and Run:

Install-Module -Name NetworkTestingCompanion

Check your Desktop or Start Menu on Windows 10

Run the Network Testing Companion tool. (Click Start)

Check the results and look for:

a. SSL certificate error.

FIX: Review Office 365 DNS entries for your registered domains. If you’re not migrating e-mails at this moment but is migrating MS Teams and there’s an Exchange On-Premises with Hybrid setup you can skip Exchagne On-Line portion at this moment.

b. Network issues: bandwidth, latency, jitter.

FIX: review QoS, Firewalls (IPS, IPS filters), Endpoint Protection and ISP internet links download and upload usage (last month report).



Thiago Beier