Configuring Azure Tags

Hi there

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to check if your Azure Resources have Tags implemented and how to add tags to them.

Tags can be used to identify different Azure Resource Groups, Azure Resources and Subscriptions as well for costing analysis based on different LOB (Line of Business).

Go to your Azure subscription (don’t have one? – register for free)

Go to your Azure Resource Group then pick the Azure Resource to be focus of this article

Pick or create an Azure Storage Account for this demo.

Adding tags to our Azure Resource Group

  • add tag name: environment
  • add tag value: demo
  • add tag name: owner
  • add tag value: Thiago B.
  • add tag name: costcenter
  • add tag value: IT

Let’s add the following tags to our Azure Resource (a resource withing Azure Resource Group)

  • add tag name: expireOn
  • add tag value: 2020-03-23 (YYYY-MM-DD format)

This setup will allow us to demonstrate how to cleanup Azure Resources at this article. (coming soon)



Thiago Beier