Using the Network Testing Companion

Hi again Are you having issues troubleshooting Microsoft Teams deployment? Please check the following questions to lead your troubleshooting matrix: Are you using Cloud-based users only? (When users are 100% on-cloud) Are you using Synced Users to Office 365? Are you using Synced Users to Office 365 with Mailboxes on-premises (Exchange On-Premises or Hybrid with … Continue reading Using the Network Testing Companion

Update tags on Azure

Hi there in this post I'm demonstrating how to update Azure Tags using PowerShell - Azure Cloud Shell update Azure Tags for a Azure Resource Group #blog post update tags $tags = @{"Department"="IT"; "Environment"="Devtest"} $Resources = Get-AzResource | where-object { $_.resourcegroupname -eq "Demo2"} $thisrgid = "/subscriptions/340e6a31-b9ab-42ac-a930-d120c92300b8/resourceGroups/Demo2" Update-AzTag -ResourceId $ -Tag $tags -Operation Merge update Azure … Continue reading Update tags on Azure

Create tags on Azure (Azure Cloud Shell)

Hi again This post it's to demonstrate how to create the Azure Tags on a Resource Group as well as on an Azure Resource (stogare account) using PowerShell using Azure Cloud Shell. You need the Azure Resource ID from the Azure Resoure Group you're applying the changes (adding tags) The following command will add the … Continue reading Create tags on Azure (Azure Cloud Shell)

Azure Automation Account, Tags and Runbook

Hi there You can maintain your Azure Resources clean to avoid high billing invoices. You will need the following: Azure Tag flagging your Azure Resources with YYYY-MM-DD format Azure Automation Account Schedule Azure Resource (i.e.: azure storage account with tag expireOn set to date you want to test) Steps Configure Azure Tags properly on the … Continue reading Azure Automation Account, Tags and Runbook

Configuring Azure Tags

Hi there In this post I'll demonstrate how to check if your Azure Resources have Tags implemented and how to add tags to them. Tags can be used to identify different Azure Resource Groups, Azure Resources and Subscriptions as well for costing analysis based on different LOB (Line of Business). Go to your Azure subscription … Continue reading Configuring Azure Tags