App Phased deployment in Intune

App Phased deployment in Intune In this article, I’d like to cover the following scenario where you’re piloting an Endpoint solution in 2 phases where phase1 the new tool runs side-by-side with existing antivirus and in the phase2 there’s a detection script that detects and removes existing antivirus then push new Endpoint Protection solution. Topics: … Continue reading App Phased deployment in Intune

Create a Device group from lastSyncedDate attribute

Hi Everyone. Answering to Badr eddine Zaki, from Linkedin Groups PowerShell Power Users and Modern Endpoint Management Who gently asked me if would be possible to create a d0evice cloud-based security group from the “lastSyncedDate” attribute then I opened the AAD Portal or Intune Groups to double-check the attributes and how to solve this. created … Continue reading Create a Device group from lastSyncedDate attribute

Enroll Windows Device using PPKG

Hi everyone. This post (PDF document) will cover all steps to create a provisioning package (PPKG) where a PowerShell is executed as part of its deployment and enroll a windows device into Intune Windows Autopilot device under Order Tag (empty) = Default. In this scenario, all devices that are procured by Lenovo, Dell, HP, or … Continue reading Enroll Windows Device using PPKG

Use PowerShell to find application uninstall keys

Hi everyone Answering Ravinder Singh, in his post on Linkedin Modern Endpoint Management (MECM | SCCM | Intune | AzureVD | Security | MacOS | iOS ) Group I have used the following PowerShell Script to list all apps installed with their DisplayName, UninstallString, and other properties. Feel free to tweak the script to use … Continue reading Use PowerShell to find application uninstall keys

Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Teams Channel.

Hi again In order to monitor Device Hash Import (into Windows Autopilot devices) using Microsoft Teams Channel we'd need a Microsoft Teams Webhook Notification Requirements Microsoft Team on Teams A Channel under Contoso Team named “Intune Enrollment” A webhook connector named Autopilot ( URL ) Knowledge of HTML to customize the table sent to the … Continue reading Monitor Intune Device enrollment using Teams Channel.

Intune Stale Devices – part 2

Hi again! If you looked on my previous post you probably asked yourself how would be able to retrieve the same information using Powershell. There you go. Install-Module Microsoft.Graph -Scope AllUsers Connect-MSGraph $Devices = Get-IntuneManagedDevice -Filter "contains(operatingsystem, 'Windows')" | Get-MSGraphAllPages Now you have the full list to work with $Devices | Where-Object {$_azureADDeviceId -eq "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"} … Continue reading Intune Stale Devices – part 2